Kresák, András (Szeged, Hungary)


2006- University Of Fine Arts (Budapest) majoring in graphic design

2001-2003 Decorator School (Budapest) majoring in window-dressing and applied graphics

2000-2001: OKJ course, qualification in interior designing and selling furnishing

1996-2000: Tömörkény István Secondary School Of Arts (Szeged), majoring in sculptoral decorations.

Work experience:

I worked for a decorator company from 2001 to 2003 in Szeged where I was able to make designer work like corporate identities or poster designing including other decorator practices. While attending the Decorator School and the university I had contemporary graphic designer work and orders like corporate identities, posters and other publications.


During the university the education was mostly about to design tipical graphical elements like logos, logotipias, posters or other publications. But I also like designing and drawing graphics and illustrations. Maybe that is why I chose this way of handmade designing in my diploma project and that is why I would like to spend more time on making unique illustrations or graphics as a new experience of my art skills in my near future.

Aug 18, 2018

Work In Process 2017/2018